Whether you're stopping for lunch or grabbing a snack, we've got something just for you.


At Starbucks we really care about offering great food with our coffees. We carefully select the perfect treats for you to enjoy with your coffee, at every moment of the day. Our American heritage is celebrated in our iced carrot cake, and our crispy chicken Caesar salad.

At Starbucks, we care about our food the same way like we care about our coffee. We always strive to be better; not just by creating great flavours, but also by trying to make our food offer more sustainable. We want to be at least one step ahead of the standard, this means that all the meat products we use are at least at the one Good Farming star or from a similar farming method. Because our products are naturally delicious ,we don't use any flavour enhancers.

We look forward to sharing our favourite foods with you.

If you want to know more about the food and beverages you enjoy at Starbucks, here is the information you've been looking for.