Starbucks® Christmas Blend Espresso Roast

A delicious variation on a beloved classic.

The holidays are about time-honored traditions. But after enjoying the same story year after year, sometimes you want to hear something new – a surprising twist that starts a whole new tradition. (That’s how we ended up with a ninth reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh, after all – you know, the one with the shiny nose?) 

In that spirit, we present Christmas Blend Espresso Roast. It starts with many of the same coffees as in our original and much-loved Christmas Blend: fine Asia/Pacific and Latin American coffees, with a touch of aged Sumatran beans adding their magic. 

But then we add the twist – a darker roast that adds a sweeter bite to the mellow smoothness you knew before. Deeper, darker and totally satisfying, this is an espresso roast for the ages.

Currently Available


  • Whole Bean

Tasting Notes:

Sweet, dense, dark

Enjoy with:

A slice of gingerbread after building the most perfect snowman.