Guatemala Casi Cielo®

The words "casi cielo" mean almost heaven.

And while you’ve never had to go that far to experience this ineffably rich coffee, there was a time when you could only enjoy it in some of the country’s most exclusive restaurants. 

You see, we originally developed this coffee to be the ultimate “fine-dining” experience, working with the chefs at Seattle’s legendary Canlis restaurant. Together, we created a remarkable coffee with a depth and versatility perfect for a variety of gourmet entrees and desserts – particularly those with savoury herbs or cheeses, rich chocolate or berries. For years, we limited this coffee to just a few, choice establishments.  

But the clamor for Guatemala Casi Cielo® was so relentless, and the coffee so good, that eventually we capitulated; we had to share it. So, for a short time every year, we make this culinary masterpiece available for your own special occasions at home – no reservations required.

Currently Available


  • Whole Bean

Tasting Notes:

Elegant, floral, satisfying cocoa finish

Enjoy with:

A five-course meal and stimulating dinner conversation.


Latin America